Subject Re: Fwd: [firebird-support] I've a BIG BIG problem
Author Stefan Heymann
>I/O error for file "c:\.....\mydb.gdb"

Did you put these dots there for us? Or are they real? If that's the
case, check your database settings. "....." is indeed an illegal path
specification so that's why you get:

>Impossible find specify path

Best Regards


>>FROM: dario.napoli@...
>>DATE: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 19:00:37 -0000
>>SUBJECT: I've a BIG BIG problem
>>hi all,
>>SECOND: i've a big problem during a connection between two
>>firebird server configuration ( win2000 configuration and
>>winXP SP2 configuration).
>>when i try connection from a computer to another computer
>>occurs this error:
>>I/O error for file "c:\.....\mydb.gdb"
>>Error while trying to open file.
>>Impossible find specify path
>>SQL Code: -902
>>IB Error Number: 335544344
>>Thanks for all
>>Grazie assai assai

Stefan Heymann