Subject Re: [firebird-support] How reliable is communication between Firebird Client and FB Server?
Author Stefan Heymann

the Client protocol is based on the TCP protocol (that's the TCP in
TCP/IP, which is the Internet's protocol stack).

TCP is a
- reliable
- stream oriented
- connection oriented

"Reliable" means that the TCP layer will take care of the sequence of
packets by itself. It will also request the sender to re-send a
package if it didn't reach the destination.

So, to answer your question: Yes, fbclient.dll will work reliably on
an unreliable network connection (that's what the Internet is about:
working on unreliable networks [don't forget it was made to survive an
atomic bomb strike ;-) ] )

Best Regards


> Hi all,
> Does anybody know how FB Client sends data to the remote Server?

> I'm concerned what will happanes if during the sending data and commit
> transaction to the remote ("very remote" server) and if TCP/IP network
> has problems with lossing packets (for instance 25%-50%)?

> Will Client (fbclient.dll or gds_db.dll) and FB Server will repeat and
> repeat sending the data untill they guarantee 100% that if clients
> sends: "abcdef" on the server will indeed "abcdef" (not "ab#$%f")?

> Thank you for the help!

Stefan Heymann