Subject does the order of the conditions in the where clause matters??
Author Carlos GarcĂ­a Trujillo
i've been reading about some SQL engines where the order of the
conditions in the WHERE section of a query is significant...

i wonder if this happen in firebird too??... must i take care of the
order in that my WHERE conditions are made??? i's some test's in a
few databases but the performance seems to be the same... but i don't
have really big recordsets in my tables...

i know that the order of the relations in the FROM Section have a
significance and so the use of "INNER JOIN" and "LEFT JOIN" as stuff
like that but i don't know anything about the WHERE section... please
some guru could tellme if i must start to test all my querys with
different orders in the Where section or this is not important under
the Firebird Platform...

Thanx in advance...