Subject About login, was Re: [firebird-support] (no subject)
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:12 PM 27/06/2006, you wrote:
>Hi, I’ve tried to change the password on the SYSDBA user account using MiTeC
>IB Query.
>Now whenever I try to access any of my IB/FB databases, the following
>notification pops up ….
>“Your user name and password are not defined, ask your database
>administrator to setup a firebird Login.”
>I’m using a fairly recent version of firebird and don’t know where our how
>to setup additional firebird logins.

Does "fairly recent" mean one of the Firebird 2.0
betas? If so, everything you need is in the release notes.

If not, then persevere, starting with the
installation password: 'masterkey' on Windows,
or the generated string in SYSDBA.password
(password.SYSDBA?) in your root directory for
other platforms. If that won't work, then you've
not taken note of the correct new password --
caps? lower case? If you need to start again
from scratch, there is a gbak of the security
database also in the root dir. You can be any
user to restore it using gbak -c with a new db
name, which you can alter at filesystem
level. The stored password in the backup should
be 'masterkey' on Windows; for other platforms I don't know what it might be.