Subject RE: [firebird-support] Activating a Shadow
Author Tim
Oh, it's simpler than that. :)

Background : we have a very wide distribution area. Field Engineers
go out and replace / upgrade systems quite often.

And "lose" data quite often. In the most recent case, R 100 000 of
data. (about US$ 15 000 .... ) So, what I've been asked to do is to
advise on a system to protect against (as Helen puts it in the
Firebird book) "accidental filesystem deletion of the database"

Shadowing works very well indeed - we've run some tests and are very
happy with the results. What we plan to do is to put a flash drive in
each PC. Windows sees this as a separate drive. This will be for the
shadow file and the shadow file only.

So yes, it will be a separate physical drive.



At 10:19 27/06/2006, you wrote:

> > Hi,
> >
> > I know that gfix -ac will activate a shadow.
> >
> > Is there any way of automating this? So that when the main fdb goes
> > down or is unavailable, fb will automatically activate the shadow?
> >
> > TIA
> >
> > Tim
>sorry - I have to question this...
>so you have 2 physical hard disks on the same box
>and you want to automatically activate the shadow on the non system disk?
>or are you running off the non-system disk and want to activate the shadow
>on the system disk when the non-system disk goes down?

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