Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Multithread aplication with embedded server
Author Matthias Hanft
carlos_ochotorena wrote:

> I am using currently the IBX components shipped with Delphi 7 and I
> don't see any component to access the Firebird services API. Do you
> know any way to access it directly? or a documentation of this API?

In my D7, there is a component tab "InterBase Admin" which includes
access to backup and restore services (and some other). Don't know
how it got there :-)

But seriously: If it's not included in your D7, I may have downloaded
it from Borland. In my local Delphi install directory, I still have
a file called "20257_ibx_7.08_for_delphi_7_w_ib_7.1_support.ZIP" which
includes "Ibxdp708.exe", but according to the README, it's just bugfixes.

First look for the "InterBase Admin" tab, second install all service
packs for D7, third look for any special Borland Interbase updates...