Subject Re: Change install directory on HP-UX 11.11
Author cedric_maucourt
--- In, "Paul Beach" <pabeach@...> wrote:
> > When I try to launch isql, the program exits directly without any
> > message and the lock manager doesn't appear in the process list.
> What user/group are you trying to run isql as?
> Paul

I try to run isql as root and as firebird/firebird. Same problem.

I just found the fb_config program in the bin directory. It seems to
display settings and compiler options.
Here are the results :

{op}@beahbh # ./fb_config

Usage ./fb_config [Options]

Where Options are:
{op}@beahbh # ./fb_config --cflags
{op}@beahbh # ./fb_config --libs
-L/usr/local/firebird/lib -lfbclient
{op}@beahbh # ./fb_config --embedlibs
-L/usr/local/firebird/lib -lfbembed
{op}@beahbh # ./fb_config --bindir
{op}@beahbh # ./fb_config --version

I'm not sure of what it really means but it seems that Firebird was
compiled to be run in the /usr/local directory.