Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux samba rights
Author Sándor Tamás (HostWare Kft.)
> Sándor Tamás (HostWare Kft.) wrote:
>> fails on some linux environment.
> Some?
AFAIK it is a Debian distribution, but I don't know any further.

> If that is not an option, you can set the sticky bit on the directory
> where you store backups, and force all files to have same owner as the
> directory itself. I don't recall the correct flag, but something like:
> chmod 6770
> on directory should do it.
We tried - at least I was told they did it -, but it hasn't work. The new
file was created with user root.

> I don't understand some things: you create backup on Linux and then you
> ZIP it from your (Windows?) application and then you try to copy it from
> Linux to Windows? I'd really like to know which is that ZIP library that
> can pack the remote Linux file from Windows machine?
We use Delphi InterBase native components, so our application connects
directly to the service, instructs it to create a backup. Of course, we set
up our app to create that backup to a shared - through samba - directory. So
we can read that file, compress it in the client's memory, then write back
anywhere on the local net - for example on that shared linux directory.

> If you're, however, zipping it up on Linux, then why not just "chmod" or
> "chown" it afterwards and get the job done.
Because we can't read from the backup file, so we can not reach that phase,
where we could ZIP it.