Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Where did it go?
Author Lester Caine
Ryan wrote:

> Excuse me folks I was actually looking for something that said user
> interface, not setup_personal, this dosen't tell me anything, OK, I
> was also having issues on their website with not the images (possibly
> links) showing up.
People here have their own favorite tools, and given the range of
support available different tools provide different interfaces.

> I am thinking this whole firebird thing was a bad deal, it was
> reccommended form a website that sells software for internet
> broascasting. They also had links yo MySql and some other databases
> but suggested that firebird was the place to start. Sorry for any
> inconvience. Please bear in mind this is my first attemnpt to setup a
> database.
As Adam has said - Firebird is not Access
Have you got copies of the documents under 'New Visitors' on
This will take you through most things.
Personally I use PHP for web support, and Firebird works nicely 'under
the hood' to do the work, while I create html pages from the results.

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