Subject Re: Where did it go?
Author Adam
--- In, "Ryan" <rt83021@...> wrote:
> Excuse me folks I was actually looking for something that said user
> interface, not setup_personal, this dosen't tell me anything, OK, I
> was also having issues on their website with not the images
> links) showing up.
> I am thinking this whole firebird thing was a bad deal, it was
> reccommended form a website that sells software for internet
> broascasting. They also had links yo MySql and some other databases
> but suggested that firebird was the place to start. Sorry for any
> inconvience. Please bear in mind this is my first attemnpt to setup
> database.

IBExpert is not part of Firebird, so I would not expect it to say
User Interface. It is a Database administration tool and not specific
to Firebird either (also does others).

Firebird is a database engine. A databases job is to store and
retrieve things (now that is simplified). It takes care of how this
is actually achieved and allows application developers to focus on
the business rules of their application rather than worry about how
to store data.

Microsoft Access has confused you by bundling a visual grid with the
database. Visual tools such as the one provided by Microsoft Access
can be quite handy to inspect data, but the visual bits aren't the
database itself.

Firebird has a client library, a dll which other applications can
connect to. Third party applications can use this dll to request
firebird to store something, to change what is stored or to retrieve
things. The database engine takes care of writing files to disk,
indexing, caching, isolation, consistency, atomicity and durability.

I don't really understand the rest of your post. The only way
Firebird could be a better deal is if we paid you to use it. The
Firebird license permits its use in commercial applications without
paying a cent.

It just seems to me that you are not interested in a database engine
for whatever you want to do. Perhaps you want something more like a
spreadsheet? Or perhaps you want a database with an application
sitting on top which makes the tables look like grids you can type
things into. IBExpert is just one of many applications that do this.

Or perhaps the broadcasting company you are talking about needs to
store some information, and one of the databases it can use to do
that is Firebird?