Subject Re: New User Having Diffilculty
Author Adam
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<robertc_wright@...> wrote:
> I am trying to install Firebird 1.5.1 Embedded for the first time, I
> have used SQlite in the past.
> I downloaded the package Firebird 1.5.1 embedded
> unzipped the file into C:\program files\Firebird and got the desired
> result. I copied the fbembded.dll into the top directory and renamed
> it fbclient.dll.

> Went to command line

What command line are you talking about? iSQL or cmd? You need to use
a tool to issue a command to the engine, iSQL is such a tool. cmd
just sends things to Windows, and Windows doesn't pass things on (how
would it know which DBMS to send it to if it could anyway).

> and tried to CREATE DATABASE

CREATE DATABASE is not valid SQL syntax, you have to give it a path.

For example:

password 'masterke';

The folder c:\Path\To must already exist, and no file called MyDB.FDB
can exist in it.

Some advice:

1) Do not develop against the embedded engine. Use Superserver on the
development machine and switch to embedded when you are ready to
deploy. The embedded engine does not allow simultaneous connections
from multiple tools, and if your IDE creates a connection, your
application can't.

2) Read the quick start guide. It is in the docs folder.