Subject Re: [firebird-support] Linux samba rights
Author Michael Weissenbacher
> We have our project saving database every night automatically. It is done
> partly by FB service, partly by our application. It first creates a backup
> of database, then our application packs it with some sort of ZIP library. It
> works great on Windows, but fails on some linux environment.
> The bad thing, that when FB creates the backup file, it creates with root
> rights (we tried to change the FB starting script, so the user would be
> user1, but finally it always starts with root privileges). But when our
> application tries to pack it on Windows, it tries to read it with user1
> rights trough samba, so it can't do it, our backup process fails.
> Any idea how to make this works? This is a very important part of our
> application, it HAS to work.
You don't provide enough information about your enviroment to make a
proper judgement. But I guess you are running gbak as a cronjob, which
runs as root. You have those options:
- Run the cronjob as user1, by editing the crontab via "crontab -u user1
-e" (preferable, because nothing should be run as root without a good
- Set the owner to user1 with chown after making the backup