Subject Re: Firebird limitations
Author Adam
--- In, Thomas Besand
<thomas.besand@...> wrote:
> Hi ng,
> the information I'm after seems not very easy to be found- maybe you
> provide me with a relevant link?
> Where can I find some facts about the limitations of Firebird
> column count, table sizes and the like, especially when it comes to
> version 2, and maybe in comparison with 1.5?

Questions regarding FB 2 are not really answerable on this list as it
is still beta, and may still change. Table size and index limits are
increased though. You can download the FB2 release notes from the website to get this sort of information.

The limits in FB 1.5 tend to be measured in bytes rather than a
specific number.

Column Count is ~32K per row (excluding blob data), so that may only
be a couple of large char fields or thousands of integer fields
depending on the field type.

Table size depends on compression which depends on the data it is
storing, usually 30 - 70 GB.;FAQS;NAME='System+Limits'