Subject Some general Firebird questions
Author benniecoetzer
I am developing an application for the display of thousands of images
of different insect species - basically a library. I have chosen to
use Firebird as the database but would like some clarification on the
1. May the fbclient.dll be distributed to users for free - the
application runs on one machine only with only the primary user.
2. Is there a way to install the fbclient, set security and get it to
run automatically (programatically) - the users are mostly very
computer illiterate.
3. The data is currently well over 10GB in size and will increase
dramatically as new species are entered. Distribution is a problem.
I am not sure how to split the database into separate files.
4. Multiple users contribute to the data and are responsible for
different families. Is it best to keep their data in different
databases or are separate tables enough. The latter makes it easier
to manage.

Hope that the questions belong together and do not exceed the forum
requirement. Asking them separately tends to miis the overall problem.