Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Time zone offset in select
Author Jiri Cincura
On 17.6.2006 8:49 Lester Caine wrote:
> The rule in bitweaver is that times stored in the database are ALL UTC,
> but the only way to ensure that NOW uses UTC with Firebird is to make

Yes, I have. But the select abc from def where xyz=current_timestamp will
return wrong rows.

> sure that the server clock is set to that. There were some debates on 'I

Yes, but for other apps, is this not possible.

> don't need UTC why should I worry', and then they tried to bodge things
> for summer time :)
> Only the CLIENT knows what timezone they are in, but on web stuff until

Yep, for this time, the client is adding time zone info into the selects,
procedures, etc. This will return right rows for client. For server side
stuff I have one dummy table, where's time zone offset for server stored
(and selects are using this) and after changing summer/normal I'll change
this. :)

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