Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Time zone offset in select
Author Lester Caine
mikcaau wrote:

>>>value. But the problem is, that in here in Europe/Czech Rep. we have
>>>Time and "normal time" (winter). Normal is GMT+1 and summer is
>>normal+1 as
>>>Thanks for any solutions.
>>The best I have found to date is to create a UDF function that returns
>>UTC time. I too would love such a function built into the engine, but
>>as far as I am aware, it is not currently available.

> Surely time offset must be in the client not the server.
> Mick

The rule in bitweaver is that times stored in the database are ALL UTC,
but the only way to ensure that NOW uses UTC with Firebird is to make
sure that the server clock is set to that. There were some debates on 'I
don't need UTC why should I worry', and then they tried to bodge things
for summer time :)
Only the CLIENT knows what timezone they are in, but on web stuff until
TZOffset returns REAL information, you have to rely on the client
telling you what timezone/daylight saving settings they are working with.
Now building a calendar for a client that shows the correct daylight
saving changeover is fun, but PHP does seem to be getting there on that.

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