Subject Re: Zebedee, Firebird, and Dynamic DNS
Author Milan Babuskov
--- In, Joe Martinez <joe@...> wrote:
> I don't think that the "ping" idea will make a difference because
> they were getting disconnected when there was plenty of successful
> activity right before the disconnect.

Ping is ICMP protocol, not TCP/IP so I don't think it would make any

> Any other ideas? Is there another solution that would speed up
> their performance besides ZeBeDee that may be more "tolerant"?

You could setup a tunnel using OpenSSH or via SSL (stunnel). There is
a paper available on setting up the tunnel with stunnel:

I'm not sure if stunnel also gives compression though.

OTOH, SSH supports compression for sure, but I haven't seen some
Firebird specific paper on it. Better google for some general ssh
tunnel info. It is quite similar to zebedee.