Subject OFF-TOPIC Re: [firebird-support] Re: Reserved Keywords
Author Adam
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 10:59 AM 16/06/2006, Adam wrote:
> >I was certainly not demanding someone write me such a list, just
> >checking if there was one that I hadn't found. A colleague got
> >himself stuck by trying to use
> >
> >select fieldname as role
> >from blah
> >
> >I noticed there is a note saying that such a document is in future
> >plans if still required after 'Using Firebird'. I am willing to
> >assist in compiling the data but am curious as to whether the
> >reference to UFB means that someone else has already undertaken the
> >task.
> Like many tasks in the docs project, people say they will do it but
> don't actually get a Round Tuit. The list is not in the UFB
> currently; it's in the Firebird Ref Guide, which isn't in the
> of the Docs project yet. But the FRG list is very-early-Firebird
> so it's probably not a huge amount of use. Easier to use the
release notes.
> >There are a couple of things to consider, the version of FB a
> >is introduced as reserved, the version it actually does something,
> >and the version it is released back into the wild. Possibly whether
> >it refers to a standard keyword defined in SQL (and year). Would
> >there be any need to go back prior to IB6?
> >
> >It would probably be a table with keywords down the Y axis and a FB
> >version along the X. A code could be placed in the cell to
> >where it is reserved, implemented or released etc.
> Sounds good. Would you like to subscribe to firebird-docs and
> continue the thread there? It may well be that someone has some
> material already in hand that he could pass over to you.
> ./heLen

No problems, will do as soon as yahoo mail gets their SSL
certificates fixed so I can log in to post such a thread.