Subject Re: [firebird-support] Zebedee, Firebird, and Dynamic DNS
Author Joe Martinez
Ok, I just had the customer try switching back to a direct connection
to Firebird instead of using ZeBeDee. It's been two full days, and
not a single disconnect. So, it's definitely ZeBeDee that is causing
the disconnects. I don't have any of the timeouts activated in
Zebedee on either the server or the client (I posted the config files
a couple days ago), so I can't think of anything else to configure
differently in ZeBeDee.

The customer is happy that they're not getting the disconnects, but
really needs the speed back that they were getting with ZeBeDee.

I don't think that the "ping" idea will make a difference because
they were getting disconnected when there was plenty of successful
activity right before the disconnect.

Any other ideas? Is there another solution that would speed up their
performance besides ZeBeDee that may be more "tolerant"?


At 11:31 AM 6/13/2006, you wrote:
>Check the client as well: the problem could be "closed by the client" -
>sometimes the internet connection closes when there is no activity.
>Can you put a timer on your application to "ping" something just to keep
>the connection alive?