Subject Migrating to FB2: Can I back up the FB1.5 database with FB2?
Author Antti Nivala
We are preparing for migrating our application that uses FB Embedded from Firebird 1.5 to Firebird 2. I understand that the old FB1.5 databases need to be backed up and restored to get the upgraded to the new ODS version. I also understand that in general, it is recommended to back up using FB1.5, then restore using FB2. However, in our case, this is somewhat difficult to arrange. It would be much easier if we could use only FB2 for the migration.


Is it OK to attach a FB1.5 database to FB2, back up using the Services API of FB2, then restore using the Services API of FB2?

In practice the above appears to work, so I'm interested in hearing if there are any reasons why we should not do that.

Thanks in advance!