Subject Re: Disconnect dependencies
Author Milan Babuskov
--- In, <myles@...> wrote:
> For example, I have a
> column in a table that is a VARCHAR(500) but I need to make it
> larger to VARCHAR(1000).
> But I have a number of stored procedures that refer to this column.

Open table's property page in FlameRobin and click on Generate rebuild

It will generate a script that first drops all dependencies (check
constraints, foreign keys by other tables, etc.), then all dependent
objects (views, procedures, triggers), and then you'll see a line


underneath that is the part of script that recreates everything that
was dropped.

So, execute the frist part (up to DROPPING COMPLETE), then do the
changes in table's structure, and then run the second part (after
DROPPPING COMPLETE) to rebuild all the dependencies.

This feature is available since FlameRobin 0.7.2.