Subject Re: stored procedure to GRANT priveledges not working
Author Adam
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<robert_gilland@...> wrote:
> However Ihave customers still using Firebird 1
> the EXECUTE STATEMENT command does not work.
> I don't know what to do with out having access to the

I should have checked the list. You asked the same question yesterday
and got a tonne of replies you have not responded to.

Execute Procedure is a new 'feature' in FB 1.5. It is like me
complaining that I can not use context variables in FB 1.5. The
Firebird release notes state it is a feature of 1.5 and higher.

As you would have read from yesterday, there is no global grant all
everything to someone. The quick work around requires 1.5 or higher.

The proper way to do it is to create the grant statements.

Perhaps you could modify the stored procedure to return the grant
statement as an output parameter instead of executing it. Then run the
procedure in iSQL and copy paste into notepad.

voila, a DDL script you can run on against any database with that