Subject Re: update/insert stored procedure from external table
Author Adam
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> Svein:
> Thank you so much. Your fix worked perfectly and will make my life of
> updating FB tables so very much easier.
> I purchased Helen's FB book but, despite the wealth of information in
> the book, couldn't quite make out what to do from it.
> cnc

You error was not really Firebird specific. It did exactly what you
asked it to do. I could easily make the same mistake in Delphi

if (somevalue = someothervalue) then

And then for some reason expect RunProcedureB to be within the if

To achieve this, you can change it to:

if (somevalue = someothervalue) then

It is exactly the same in pretty much any language you care to
mention, and exactly the same in PSQL (Firebird's trigger and stored
procedure language)

Why would you expect this be mentioned when it is such universal

In any case, the Firebird book does provide an example of how to
export data to an external file on p589, and had you followed that
syntax (but changed the select to select from the external table and
the insert to your update/insert logic, it would have worked as expected.