Subject Multiselect or something like that
Author majstoru

Here is one interest situation. I have input form:

A01 A02 A03 A04 A05
Cust01 10 20 30 40 50
Cust02 15 10 15 10 20
Cust03 10 30 50 50 30
Cust04 5 3 2 1 10

In this sample A01-A05 are some articles, and Cust01-Cust04 are
customers, the numbers in the midle are connection between articles
and customers!
I have a few questions for the Firebird experts:
1. Is there eny SQL statement which will help me to find an article
into table with out CASE statement or somethnig like that, because
number of articles can be up to 100 article (table have 100 columns)
2. If I have few tables and article A05 which is on the 4 column
into first table, 2 column into secound table, 10 column ... how to
summariye all of this into one SQL statement.

Maybe it is a little complicated but here is a problem, if there is
some solution that will be great.

Thanks ... :-)