Subject Re: Firebird Server Guardian Issue
Author Adam
You have two separate issues here:

> Hello Everyone,
> I am developing an application that is supposed to start before
some user logged in. I am using FireBird to store the records. It is
sometimes observed that the FireBird service didn't start at start up
and my application fails to do its processing as FireBird service is
down so cannot fetch information from the database. Can someone tell
me that is it possible the firebird starts before my application
starts at windows startup.

If you compile your application as a service, you can configure it to
have a dependency on the Firebird Service. If you set it up properly,
Windows will not attempt to start your application until Firebird is

I have also observed that FireBird service automatically stops during
some transaction and my transaction fails to complete.

That is not normal and worth investigating. Possibly database
corruption, possibly faulty UDF, possibly faulty hardware, possibly
bug. The firebird log is a good place to start your investigation.
Guardian may be restarting the service, but it only does this if the
service closes abnormally. So you need to look at what happenned
before the record that guardian is restarting for hints.