Subject How can I use a DirtyRead Isolation with Firebird?
Author thecrgrt
I've locked the some rocords in my application by using explicit lock and it
is no problem, but I would like to know who was locked this those records?
so I kept user information into some fields on locked rocords, but other
transactions cannot see this value, I know this transaction is not committed
it seems DirtyRead is needed for this.

I've used dbExpress with Delphi to write this application and I've tried to
specified a DirtyRead(ReadUncommitted) isolation for starting a transaction
but there is no effect, for specificed this value with a connection It's work,
but I need to use this isolation with transaction level not a connection level
because of all transaction depenced on this connection is also toke a
ReadUncommitted effect, how can I do? or Which other way to do this?