Subject Intercliente startup problem
Author arivanbastos
I'm getting an error when I install the firebird interclient and try
to start it: the system says that I have not permissions to install
as service. Still thus the service is shown in the list of installed
services and when I try to start it other error is shown saying "The
service cannot be started".

I already tried exhaustingly very solutions (like make sure that the
SYSTEM user have permissions in the Interclient\BIN directory or
make sure that classpath is correctly), but nothing decide my
problem. The interesting is the service was working well, and,
suddenly (2 weeks ago), it stop.

The interclient version is 2.01. I'm in Windows 2000 Server, JDK
1.3. Interbase server 6.

Please help-me.

PS: What about use Jaybird?