Subject Re: Zebedee, Firebird, and Dynamic DNS
Author russellbelding
Hi Joe

I use Firebird and in a similar manner. A remote user
connects to a Terminal Server, getting an IP address for an ADLS
modem in front of the terminal server from or one of its
servers. The target terminal server sends its IP address to
on a schedule. The use of's service is only required to get
the current IP address of the target ADSL modem. After connection is not involved. So it is unlikely to contribute to your
disconnection problem.

( We also had disconnection problems, without ZBD. With faster
connections speeds the problem has been reduced. )


--- In, "Joe Martinez" <joe@...>
> I have a client using my app over an internet connection, using
> dynamic DNS ( She was unhappy with the speed, so we set
> up with ZeBeDee, which greatly improved performance, and also gave
> encryption.
> Unfortunately, since she started using ZeBeDee, she's losing
> connection to the database several times per day. We use Zebedee
> internally, and don't have this problem.
> I'm wondering if the problem is related to the dynamic DNS, and
the IP
> address changing. She didn't have this disconnection problem
> ZeBeDee, so I'm wondering if the problem is with ZeBeDee not
> re-resolving the name or something like that.
> Does anyone else here use Zebedee, Firebird, and Dynamic DNS, and
> anyone else have this problem?
> Thanks,
> Joe