Subject Firebird 1.5 - Forced writes
Author simonbenedicic

This weekend I had first corruption of FB 1.5 database in 4 years.
Corruption was caused by terminated fbserver.

First message in the log was...
C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\bin\fbserver.exe: terminated
abnormally (4294967295)
... and then 270 messages about orphan pages.

Database was running without Forced Writes ... I know what that means :)

Now I changed Forced wrtites ON.

Confusing to me is, that database file timestamp is not changing
anymore ... it changes only when last user is logged off. This gives me
realy bad feeling, because with forced writes OFF I could see file
timestamp changing.

Is this normal for Forced writes ON.

Best regards,