Subject Re: Unable to connect to database
Author robertgilland
This is getting very urgent does anyone have any ideas?

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<robert_gilland@...> wrote:
> On a Clients Server; 2 Duel Core CPU's, Windows Server 2003, 4Gb
> 14 SCI drives running RAID 1/0, Firebird 2RC1 classic mode with
> default settings.
> The Database is approx. 123GB's single file with sweep interval set
> to '0'. A backup is run every night.
> After Windows was rebooted today. We are unable to connect to the
> database. GFIX -shut and -online commands seem to work but as soon
> I attempt to connect to the database using IBOconsole an
> fb_init_sever.exe process is spawned and quickly starts using 25%
> (100% of 1 of 4 processors) CPU.
> Also note that we also noticed the same problem when testing the
> database on similar hardware with Firebird 1.5 Superserver and
> Interbase 7.5.
> Does anybody know what its doing (seems like a forced sweep), and
> to bring the database back online.