Subject Unable to connect to database
Author robertgilland
On a Clients Server; 2 Duel Core CPU's, Windows Server 2003, 4Gb RAM,
14 SCI drives running RAID 1/0, Firebird 2RC1 classic mode with
default settings.

The Database is approx. 123GB's single file with sweep interval set
to '0'. A backup is run every night.

After Windows was rebooted today. We are unable to connect to the
database. GFIX -shut and -online commands seem to work but as soon as
I attempt to connect to the database using IBOconsole an
fb_init_sever.exe process is spawned and quickly starts using 25%
(100% of 1 of 4 processors) CPU.

Also note that we also noticed the same problem when testing the above
database on similar hardware with Firebird 1.5 Superserver and
Interbase 7.5.

Does anybody know what its doing (seems like a forced sweep), and how
to bring the database back online.