Subject Re: [firebird-support] invalid request BLR at offset 383 BLR syntax error......
Author Woody
From: "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...>
> One idea is to upgrade to 1.5.3, which fixes a bunch of bugs. Other
> ideas will need more information. Firebird is not natively a SQL
> engine. It runs a very general binary relational language called
> BLR that was designed for machine generation. Constructions of
> SQL, QUEL, and Data Language can be represented in BLR. So, your
> error says that something went wrong in the translation of your
> query to BLR... Now, that could be just your statement, though
> that's unlikely. Or it could be a stored procedure. Or it could
> be a reference to an external function.... If you can identify
> the statement associated with the error, that would be a great
> step forward.

I also had this error crop up from time to time until I upgraded to 1.5.3.
Stopping and restarting the FB service fixed the error until some time went
by and it happened again. Since upgrading, so far, the error hasn't happened

Woody (TMW)