Subject isc_service_start parameter error
Author Jeff Lynn
I started to try out the isc_service_start API as first step to backup
the FB database. However, my VC++2005 ran into parameter error:

error C2664: 'isc_service_start' : cannot convert parameter 2 from
'isc_svc_handle **__w64 ' to 'isc_svc_handle *'

My code has already supporting the embedded FB database without this
__W64 issue. It seems like the my declarion of isc_svc_handle
*m_hService was being declared as __W64.

Any idea how to use isc_service_start under VC++ 2005?

Here is my code fragment:

#include <ibase.b>

isc_svc_handle *m_hService = NULL;

char request[100];
LPSTR x, p = request;

isc_service_start(m_status, &m_hService, NULL, p - request, request);