Subject custom collations
Author martinknappe

this may seem an odd question for this forum but i don't know where
else to post it: i have an application in mind that generates custom
collation drivers for firebird by having the user pick unicode
characters or sequences of unicode characters and place them in an
order that would define their position in the to-be-generated collation.
i found a paper on how to write custom collations for interbase under

but it's a bit tough for myself and i got stuck right at the beginning
so i sort of sidelined it until later in the year when i meet my
cousin who said he *might* be able to help me out but he'll need as
much information as possible on how this is done so now my two
questions into this forum are:

1) do you think this whole thing is doable at all?

2) do you have any more directions for me where i can find more
resources on writing and using custom collations?

thanx very much,