Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBExpert on Linux/WINE?
Author Milan Babuskov
Michael Weissenbacher <mw@...> wrote:
> Sure I can tell you, this is straight from my mind:
> - Extract functionality: extract metadata

Available since 0.6.0. Works pretty good now in 0.7.2.

> extract table data (from a single table), dump whole database,
> pumping data if you want to change charsets

I'm currently using specialized FBExport and FBCopy tools for this. We might
or might not integrate those with FlameRobin in future.

> - Every now and then FlameRobin freezes my whole desktop.

Happens to me too. However, I'm unable to reproduce it consistently, so it
hard to fix when you don't know what the exact problem is. I plan to look
into this one soon.

> - Privilege Editor. This has been added in the latest version, but
> it doesn't seem to work for me. As soon as I click on "Execute All"
> the CPU goes to 100% and I have to kill Flamerobin.

Is that with version 0.7.2? Does it happen for any privileges?

> Also I do miss the
> possibility to just see all tables and privileges and set them via
> checkboxes

Perhaps you should join our mailing list. Before making it, we tried to
discuss what people would want from the "Grant management", but we didn't get
much comments or opinions on it. So we created what we though best.

Overall impression of most FR developers is that user feedback could be much
improved. We see thousands of downloads for each release, but very few
comments. We are aware of some problems, but some others can't be fixed if we
don't know about them. So, everyone, if you have problem with FR, please let
us know. If you don't want to subscribe to mailing list, you can e-mail me

> I think at the current pace FlameRobin could become a very good tool
> soon. Is this the right list for discussing FlameRobin?

Not really. Please join our (low traffic) development list:


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