Subject Re: [firebird-support] IBExpert on Linux/WINE?
Author Michael Weissenbacher
> Are there some specific features you need to get it few light-years closer?
> We keep hearing that FlameRobin is still far away from IBE and DBW, but nobody
> cares to say what are the features we are missing.
Sure I can tell you, this is straight from my mind:
- Extract functionality: extract metadata (has been added recently i
think), extract table data (from a single table), dump whole database,
pumping data if you want to change charsets
- Every now and then FlameRobin freezes my whole desktop. It looks like
it sometimes forgets to give back mouse focus. The only way to get my
desktop working again is to switch to a text console (Alt+Shift+F1) and
"killall flamerobin".
- Privilege Editor. This has been added in the latest version, but it
doesn't seem to work for me. As soon as I click on "Execute All" the CPU
goes to 100% and I have to kill Flamerobin. Also I do miss the
possibility to just see all tables and privileges and set them via
- 100% CPU Problem: I have the same problem when I click "Recompute
statistics for all indices" or on "Generate rebuild script".

I think at the current pace FlameRobin could become a very good tool
soon. Is this the right list for discussing FlameRobin?

kind regards,