Subject Re: [firebird-support] Implementing a scrolling function in a web environment (Re: how much faster does a "real server" do?)
Author Michael Weissenbacher
Hi ./HeLen,
> It's the right tool for the job in MySQL and other data storage
> systems (one's hesitant to call them "databases") that depend on
> physical order to do anything. It was pressure from ex-MySQL users
> that got the FIRST/SKIP syntax into Firebird at all. It's not the
> only such silliness that Firebird has acquired by this route.
Still I think it is one of the most useful features that firebird has.
> Running a cursor inside a SP was always the way we did it and it's
> still the only sensible way. It's fast and clean; you can
> parameterise it at both ends, so that your application can hold and
> pass previous and next key values; and so on. MySQL doesn't have
> these capabilities.
> I wouldn't bother with SELECT FIRST for anything. It's a waste of
> space -- one of those things that (IMNSHO) people insist they need
> because they don't know any better.
We run a site where we have about 200 visitors per minute. Most of these
users do a few clicks to scroll around and then leave. If the
transactions would stay active for 2 hours, the DB server would need to
sustain 200*120=24000 concurrent connections/transactions! Currently it
runs pretty smoothly with a pool of 30 connections that get reused,
paginating the results is achieved via FIRST/SKIP. Is this not a valid

kind regards,