Subject Re: [firebird-support] Implementing a scrolling function in a web environment (Re: how much faster does a "real server" do?)
Author Lester Caine
Helen Borrie wrote:

> It's the right tool for the job in MySQL and other data storage
> systems (one's hesitant to call them "databases") that depend on
> physical order to do anything. It was pressure from ex-MySQL users
> that got the FIRST/SKIP syntax into Firebird at all. It's not the
> only such silliness that Firebird has acquired by this route.

Having been used to IBO handling all that under the hood, trying to
produce the same results in ADOdb (for PHP) is something I keep coming
back to.
I can see some 'masterclass' stuff here for the conference ;)

> Running a cursor inside a SP was always the way we did it and it's
> still the only sensible way. It's fast and clean; you can
> parameterise it at both ends, so that your application can hold and
> pass previous and next key values; and so on. MySQL doesn't have
> these capabilities.
> I wouldn't bother with SELECT FIRST for anything. It's a waste of
> space -- one of those things that (IMNSHO) people insist they need
> because they don't know any better.

Of cause that is the major problem since ADOdb is transparent to all the
'data storage systems' ( I like that - much better than 'engine' ) that
is supports. So one has to have a generic conversion :(

But the advantage of ADOdb is that I can produce my own conversions for
stuff, so what would be the the 'better' way to implement the 'paginate'
function from page call to page call? Given that the order and filter
also form part of the page view. I could not see an easy way to pass all
of the generic stuff to an SP which is why you end up rebuilding the SQL
like IBO.

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