Subject "semaphoes are exhausted" using Firebird CS on Linux.
Author KIMURA, Meiji
Hi All,

In one of my customer envirionment using FirebirdCS on linux, a Firebird output an error message to
firebird.log as below, and I cannot connect DB of firebird.

Fatal lock manager error: semaphores are exhausted, errno: 11

In the environment, this error occurs once a three-month. When this error occurs,
I cannot connect DB of firebird. I checked process on this computer and found the processes
of old (started yesterday or older) firebird. When I killed these, then new processes of firebird

I understood this error is related with 'LockSemCount' parameter in firebird.conf and *real*
semaphore limitation of Linux system. But I'm not sure that increment of LockSemCount solove this
problem. Please give me an information about this error or semaphores.

Firebird: CS-
Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3(Taroon Update2)
Middleware: JayBird1.5.5
Memory: 2G-byte

KIMURA, Meiji(FAMILY, Given)
Tokyo, JAPAN