Subject Re: [firebird-support] Wha??????
Author Victor Grauer
At 01:13 PM 5/27/06 +0200, you wrote:

> > I really don't know what to say. Maybe I'm in the wrong place? I'll
> > try not to be offensive, but it will be difficult.
>Somehow, this strikes me as a bad way to start when joining a cult.
> > I'm sure Firebird is not what I need. So can anyone here recommend
> > what I DO need? I THOUGHT it was database software. Sorry, I must
> > have been wrong.
>What were you expecting? (this is a serious question)

Since you've asked a serious question, I will give you a serious answer.

But before I continue let me explain that I am by no means a computer
novice. I have done extensive programming over the years, in machine
language, BASIC and C, in both DOS and Windows environments, including
Visual C. I've never until recently had any reason to get involved with
databases, however, and have never had any interest in database
programming. Still don't. So when it comes to database software I AM a
novice, for sure. For that reason, I've been spending considerable time on
the Internet, trying to learn more about databases, what they are and how
they work. And to be honest I'm finding it VERY difficult to find useful,
jargon-free, information or advice aimed at someone like myself.

Now to your question. I am the proud owner of a computer that came with
something called Microsoft Works. A "database" program is included with
that. It has rows, it has columns, it has fields, and there is a very
easy, straightforward way for you to set up those rows and columns and
fields. I've played around with it a bit and realize it's much too basic
for my needs. Nevertheless, what I was *expecting* was something more or
less like that program, an interactive, intuitively designed, user friendly
application intended for relatively modest, single-user, database
management and query. But I needed something that could handle a larger
dataset, with a more sophisticated and flexible query method. I also
needed something that could import data from a text file, which is the
format my data is presently in.

I was hoping to be able to download a trial copy of Access, but none seems
to be available and I didn't want to pay for something I couldn't use. So
I did an internet search for databases and quickly found myself on the
following web page:

Note that Firebird is described on this page simply as a "Relational
Database." There is nothing on that web page explaining that the software
is intended for developers only or that one would need years of training
and experience to work with it. On the contrary, a "novice's guide" is
available, which I looked through, and which proved to be just about as
obtuse and unhelpful as anything else I've ever run across on this
topic. However, I found nothing in this guide that warned me away from
Firebird unless I were, indeed, NOT a novice. So I downloaded it. And spent
the greater part of an afternoon poring over the "Quick Start Guide,"
intended "as an introduction for the complete newcomer . . . " and trying
to figure out what I could do with this program and what I should enter at
the DOS-like prompt.

Someone noted that my post sounded rather angry. Well I must admit that
after spinning my wheels over this thing and gradually realizing that it
was NOT for "novices" or "complete newcomers," I was certainly feeling more
than a bit testy. Sorry about that.

To make matters worse, when I clicked on a "support" link I found myself on
what looked like a bulletin
board: But when
I posted my message, lo and behold I found myself enrolled in this mailing
list. So please, those of you who've expressed annoyance, understand that
it was NOT my intention to subscribe to this list. I was assuming my post
would be placed on a bulletin board, not sent out to hundreds of people.
Sorry about THAT.

I don't know what else to say, except to remind all you programmers out
there that sometimes communicating with the outside world in a
straightforward, jargon-free manner is just as important as turning out
killer code.

Thanks for listening.

Victor Grauer

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