Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Another "connection forcibly closed by the remote host" problem
Author Woody
From: "Scott Moon" <smoon63@...>
>Woody -
>Is your installation using 2003 Virtual Servers or just plain old vanilla
>Win2003 Server? Our setup is running on Virtual. I don't know if it makes a
>difference, since the Virtual Server is **supposed** to behave exactly like
>2003 (Standard) Server. And you're right - the 60 minute window makes >this
>bear to simulate. I wonder if playing with the clock on the server would
>accelerate the error? Most of the rest of this response is not necessarily
>toward anything in your post - just a convenient spot to jump back into
>mess I started!

We are running the standard server not virtual so it might be a difference
worth considering. However, I must admit that I have no idea if my app that
they use with FB is ever idle for an hour on any machine there. They are
pretty tight when it comes to working. :)

>Thanks everyone for all your input to this point. It sounds like I'm not
>only one that's about to run out of hair to pull out! ;-)

Have you tried just using a ping request to the server instead of any
databse related routine for your keepalive pattern? That would rule out FB
and any FB related components if a simple ping also eliminates the problem.

Woody (TMW)