Subject strange behaviour on query
Author martinknappe

i'm experiencing some very (to my mind) odd behaviour with firebird
1.5 with the following query:

select first 1
from dicentries dic
inner join dskrptlink_dicentries dl on = dl.id_dicentry
inner join dskrpts d on dl.id_dskrpt =
where d.asdskrpt = :asdskrptinput
and >= :idin
order by ascending

now, i KNOW that with :asdskrptinput set to '^' and :idin to 1, the
requested record id should be 1; however when i launch this query,
ibexpert starts to work and seems like it won't ever stop so that i
have to kill it
what's even odder is that when i change the last but one line to

"and = :idin" ('=' as opposed to '>=')

I get the desired result (which is 1 as i knew before) immediately.
The same when I comment out the whole line (the last but one i mean)

is that a bug? or am I not seeing the wood for trees?