Subject Re: [firebird-support] Another "connection forcibly closed by the remote host" problem
Author Woody
From: "Scott Moon" <scottmoon@...>
> We're stumped.
> We have two older client/server applications written in Delphi that
> use the BDE components to access Firebird databases. The Firebird
> database server runs on its own machine. The apps also use a common
> file ( - I said the apps were old) that is retrieved from
> a shared folder on that server. These apps have worked fine for years
> on Firebird 1.03 / Win2000 Server (and before that on Interbase
> 5.5). We've upgraded the server and software to Firebird 1.5 /
> Win2003 Virtual Server. The applications run fine while in use, but
> after one hour of idle time, subsequent use is halted and the
> following message is displayed:
> "General SQL error. Unable to complete network request to
> host "myHostName". Error writing to the connection. An existing
> connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."

I have a mini-network at home where I work. My main computer runs Win2K and
has FB 1.5.3 SS running. I also use my laptop as an FB server and client for
testing back and forth. For a quick test, I opened IBOConsole on the laptop
(Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP2), connected to my main computer
and then connected to a database. I didn't select anything else in
IBOConsole, views, tables, etc. I just let it sit on the database name.
After a little over an hour, I clicked on the tables and voila, I get the
same error about the connection being closed.

I am going to try it again (I have only done it once so far) but I thought
it might be important to let someone know that I saw the same problem occur
at least once in a simple environement without any MS server software

Now, at the same time that I was just letting IBOConsole sit there, I was
listening to Rush through a stream on the Internet on the laptop. Therefore,
the network card can not be a factor since it was continually being used for
the streaming.

I will continue some further testing and if I can confirm this using
IBOConsole as well as one of my own programs, I would like to ask for more
guidance in helping track down this type of problem. I'm not an FB guru and
I don't have the means to compile C source. (I'm a Delphi guy through and
through :)

Woody (TMW)