Subject Re: 64 bits procesor
Author Adam
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> Hy:
> I have a 32Bit procesor with a Linux Server RHv9 and a FB SServer
> Edition v1.5.
> I need a new faster Server, becuase this old one is overloaded.
> Does a 64Bit procesor Server works better with FB ?

No. The 64 bit Linux ports were pulled because of database corruption
concerns. They have reappeared in FB 2, but that is Release Candidate
not guaranteed 'stable'.

> Or is the same thing to use a 32 or 64Bit procesor with this service ?

Pretty much, you can run it as a 32 bit process.

> Right Now I´m using a 32Bit P4 Procesor 2.8Ghz and 3GB RAM.

If you use classic server, you can make use of mutliple processors,
which may be worth investigating too.