Subject Re: Using embeded version on WinCE 5
Author Adam
--- In, "Paul Mercea"
<paul.mercea@...> wrote:
> Hi
> Its possible to use Firebird embeded on WinCE 5 or it neccesary to
> for WinCE platform?
> I ask because I don't have any device to test!
> Paul
Hi Paul,

Embedded Firebird is not about embedded devices so it is perhaps a
confusing name. On Windows, Embedded means that the SuperServer
database engine has been embedded into the client library dll. The
Superserver Engine (minus the TCP stuff) becomes embedded into your
applications process space.

But I don't think that has anything to do with WinCE etc. I imagine
if Superserver does not work on WinCE, neither will embedded. From
memory, there is no (current) WinCE port of the engine nor client
library. I imagine if it were a trivial task, there would be.

Actually, just checked the Released Files page on the website. There
is a CE port of FB 1.0 Alpha, but you would have to look into it to
see how far it has gone or whether it is abandoned.