Subject How do you determine the parameter names of an insert statement?
Author Jeff Lynn
Is there another API call to return the column name of the following
insert stmt:

insert into Staff values(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

I used "isc_dsql_prepare(status, &hTrans, &hStmt, 0,
(LPSTR)(LPCTSTR)strSql, 1, NULL)" to prepare the statment.

I then use "isc_dsql_describe_bind(status, &hStmt, 1, pInSqlda )"
twice to determine the binding parameter's sqltype and sqlen witht the
first call with sqln set to 1, which return sqld set to reflech the
correct number of parameters. I then allocate the proper number of
sqlvar for the second call.

But the returned sqlname info is blank and the sqlname_len is zero

I don't want to hardcode the column name adn want to determine the
column name and type at run time. I got the sqltype not problem from the

Any help is appreciated!