Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB restore problem
Author Jörn Heitland
Helen wrote
> Did you make the backup, or someone else? Are you sure there is only
> one backup file?

Yes, one backup file. I did it (no remote backup).

> >The backupfile is approx 8GB big (the original FDB is 18GB). The
> >backupfile is stored on a networkdrive T:\ where a
> Sambafileserver on
> >debian is behind.
> Do you know whether the backup is being written to a partition that
> limits the size of files, such as ext2? If that is the case, then
> the backup would not have completed if multiple backup files had not
> been specified.

The networkdrive is ntfs (is there a size limitation possible ?, I have
to ask the admin).
The backup seems to be completed, at least no error message nor a
firebird logfile entry.
(Maybe I should check the mutliple file backup options, did not used it
until now).

> >I tested also a smaller database file (backup and restore) and this
> >works out without problems.
> Out of curiosity, what is the size of that backup file?

This is approx. 64MB.


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