Subject FB restore problem
Author Jörn Heitland
I have a problem restoring a firebird backup into a databasefile again.

I started with

"c:\program files\firebird\firebird_1_5\bin\gbak.exe" -c
T:\ODAS\ODAS.fbk c:\ODAS\ODAS_restored.fdb -user SYSDBA -password

During the restoreprocess (restored databasefile is already some GB
big), I receive the following message:

Done with volume #1, "c:\ODAS\ODAS.fbk"
Press return to reopen that file or type a new name followed by return
to open a different file.
Error: Backup incomplete

The backupfile is approx 8GB big (the original FDB is 18GB). The
backupfile is stored on a networkdrive T:\ where a Sambafileserver on
debian is behind.
I tested also a smaller database file (backup and restore) and this
works out without problems.

Firebird is 1.5.3 running on Windows XP prof.

Any help on this is highly appreciated.

Jörn Heitland

Virus checked