Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: does firebird always go fastest way?
Author Michael Weissenbacher

> now, my query looks like this and (and it works ALOT faster than the
> one before where i didn't use joins):
> select d.*
> from dicentries d
> inner join dskrptlink_dicentries link1
> on link1.id_dicentry =
> inner join dskrptlink_dicentries link2
> on link2.id_dicentry =
> inner join dskrptlink_dicentries link3
> on link3.id_dicentry =
> inner join dskrpts d1
> on = link1.id_dskrpt
> inner join dskrpts d2
> on = link2.id_dskrpt
> inner join dskrpts d3
> on = link3.id_dskrpt
> where (d1.asdskrpt = 'abc') and (d2.asdskrpt = 'def') and (d3.asdskrpt
> = 'ghi')

plus you have the added benefit that everybody familiar with SQL can now
read your query and actually know what it does without the need for
pulling their hair out. well done! pro explaination by martijns!