Subject Re: Installing Firebird on Fedora Core 3
Author Bernard Devlin
Sarky, I think what you are saying is this: you can connect from
windows to a db running on the Fedora server. It's not quite clear
what you want to do in connecting from Linux.

First of all. If you are happy using Firebird's isql, you can use the
version of isql installed in /opt/firebird/bin/isql. It works the
same as the Windows version (although as Helen pointed out, case
sensitivity may be an issue). So, assuming you can connect to your db
server from Windows using isql, you should be able to connect to the
same db from the Linux version of isql. As Helen points out, you
should just be able to connect to 'localhost:/path/to/your/db.fdb'
from isql as you have been connecting from Windows.

If you want other Linux applications to connect to that db, then you
can also use unixODBC and make a connection using the isql that gets
installed with unixODBC. Other Linux applications can also use ODBC
to connect to your db. I always make sure that ODBC is working using
the appropriate isql first. Please note: you will need ODBC drivers
too. There are some available on the IBPhoenix website, however, I
have found the Gemini drivers to be more reliable (my problems could
have just been a Linux version problem). I do believe that Easysoft
produce some drivers too. I think the latest version of the Gemini
drivers are Windows only, but they have plans to produce a Linux
version. Neither the Gemini nor the Easysoft drivers are free.

Beyond that, you have options such as PHP and Java. I've used Java
very successfully with Firebird, but I've seen many people here also
recommend PHP.

Hope that gets you further.


--- In, "sarkis_webonlan"
<s.gabriel@...> wrote:
> Well now at the moment all is working fine i know it is working if i
> use isql localhost to login, i have a database which i want to use on
> it and i have tried it on windows it works fine.
> Windows is the application side which access's firebird, how can i
> gain access to it on linux?